PETITION: Community Banking Hubs

Banks have been closing branches locally and nationally for years now. According to figures from the British Banking Association and the Office for National Statistics, the number of bank branches in Wales has fallen from 695 in 2012 to 435 in 2022. Unfortunately, rural areas have been particularly impacted by branch closures, and recently announced closures will mean that some banks will no longer have a single branch in Ceredigion.

We have reached a tipping point. In order to ensure continued access to banking services in our towns I believe it is high time that Banking Hubs are established in Ceredigion. A Banking Hub is a site that offers people physical access to banking services from a range of providers, including regular deposit and withdrawal services and also advice and assistance with more complex banking matters.

I first called for Banking Hubs to be established in a bill that I presented to Parliament in 2018, but more recent announcements and branch closures in Ceredigion have underlined the urgent need for our communities to benefit from these hubs, and ensure that individuals, businesses, and community organisations continue to have access to essential banking services. Please find more information about my work and my intentions on the matter by clicking HERE.

Over the coming weeks, I will be meeting with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Link to discuss these matters further. During these meetings will be pressing for Banking Hubs to be established in Ceredigion. To strengthen my case, I hope to demonstrate that there is strong support by the people of Ceredigion for the establishment of Community Banking Hubs.

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